about me

My name is Jessica, i’m a 22 year old from London, England.

laura callaghan cake

Interests include: music, reading, tv + film, dogs, intersectional feminism, fashion, art, sociology + psychology, blogging (sporadically), baking & most other indoorsy pursuits.

Let’s be real. Doesn’t any introvert worth her salt love a good book? I buy at a quicker pace than I read, but there are worse addictions. Life is hard, so I distract myself with reading so I don’t have to adult. I’m either utterly invested or completely disinterested, and this goes for most things, not just books. Feel free to follow me if we seem to share similar tastes in books, comparable interests, or if you are equally inept at being a grown up 🙂

To get a better idea of the kind of books I like to read, please go ahead and take a look/add me on Goodreads! I also joined Netgalley which is rather dangerous. So feel free to follow me there.

I also have a couple tumblr blogs (personal, fangirling, books) but posting is as sporadic as it is here so I wouldn’t recommend them. How’s that for plugging yourself?!

Image: © Laura Callaghan Illustration

sign off heart Jess


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