mini review: ‘The Sense of an Ending’ by Julian Barnes

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3 stars

Edit: In hindsight, I’d rather give this a solid three stars instead of the generous 4 stars I gave it initially. I realised the ending was actually pretty weak and not as smart as I gave it credit for.


I think it says a lot that, for such a short book, I almost had a complete 180 change in opinion of this at about a third of the way in.

At first, I was not seduced by the story at all. Whilst the writing was good (albeit a little lad-dy and crass for me at times), the narrative of a white public school boy whining about his privileged upbringing and friendship circle just grated on me.

But then it was clear to me that the philosophical musings and look at suicide (slight spoiler? sorry!) really did have a deeper meaning, and the characters really became archetypes that I think managed to give the story some heart.

It’s hard to explain this short book without giving away information that I feel is better revealed as you read. Whilst I’m still not 100% convinced by the ending, it did leave me mulling over what I had read, and I really did feel a sense of an ending.

More of a 3.5 if I’m being critical, but I do want to check out the movie of this and see how they bring this peculiar story to the screen.

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