mini review: ‘Monsters’ by Emerald Fennell

Emerald Fennell - Monsters

4 stars

Throwing it back for another review I haven’t posted before. Read this towards the end of 2016 and clearly really enjoyed it. I have only now noticed that what I thought were rocks covered in algae at the bottom of the cover, is in fact a washed up dead woman. Noice!


Very nearly a 5 star! This one genuinely surprised me. Sinister, original, and creepy as shit.

A young adult story centred around a troubled, spiteful child, witnessing a string of murders whilst spending the holidays by the sea with her aunt and uncle. This book is hard to categorise as although I guess it’s aimed at older children, it’s almost adult in its execution.

I really enjoyed the writing. The fact that such disturbing things are thought of by a young girl, but are written about so nonchalantly, really worked in this books favour. The characterisation of our protagonist was very well done. Her relationship with Miles – a similarly troubled boy of the same age – added a whole lot more depth to the already eerie narrative.

Honestly, even though I was enjoying the story, I thought I had the mystery all figured out – but the twist at the end was a good one. Having said that however, I still feel like the ending was wrapped up far too quickly, it felt rushed and could have been developed a little more for greater impact.

Especially loved the quiet English seaside setting, and pleasantly surprised by this read regardless!

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