mini review: ‘Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine’ by Diane Williams


2 stars

Did a little sweep of my shelves today and decided to get rid of this one, was the reminded that I kinda reviewed this, so here are my thoughts.


This one is a hard one to review for me.
Rather than short stories, at least in the sense that I am familiar with, these super short stories are more likely to be considered flash fiction, maybe even vignettes.
Whilst I did enjoy the quirky writing style, the often curious imagery, and the blunt dialogue I encountered whilst flicking through this, I can’t say that anything specific about this read has really stayed with me.
I finished this collection with the same feeling I often get when I’ve completed a poetry collection. Whilst I can appreciate the writing in a cosmetic sense, I don’t feel that I have fully understood what I have read, or taken anything real from it that others might.
Although I would still pick up some more Diane Williams if I came across a book of hers in a charity shop or something (as I’m intrigued as to whether her style is consistently this experimental), I can’t say that I’m rushing out to find more by her on the basis of this book.
sign off heartJess

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