review: ‘The Sword of Shannara’ by Terry Brooks

2 stars

Edit 23 March 2017: Since took this down to 2 stars. This was too much of a sausage fest for me. Yolo.

Quite a generous three stars from me, considering how bored I was at times. But all in all, this is by no means a bad book, and at times I did find myself really enjoying it, especially towards the end.

It rubbed me up the wrong way that there was only one named female character, and even then she only served as your typical damsel in distress type, almost a ‘reward’ for one of our many heroic male leads. Because we hear from quite a few different characters during the course of this very long book, I never really found myself caring all that much about any specific one.

At times I got swept up in the adventure and was eager to see where the story went next, and at times I found myself reading tediously, sometimes skimming the overly long descriptions and wishing I was reading about another character’s situation.

Everything tied together in the end, and despite a few casualties and the odd unexpected turn, it was quite the predictable happy ending. For me, this book could have been one or two hundred pages shorter, and all the better for it.

But alas, I will be continuing on with this series. Book two – ‘The Elfstones of Shannara’ – has characters that I am familiar with from The Shannara Chronicles (the tv series I loved, and which pushed me to reading this in the first place), so I am quite certain I will enjoy that book a lot more. I’ll probably listen to the audiobook version alongside it at least in part, as I did with this one (which helped me through it greatly!)

I enjoyed this about as much as I expected to, considering its of the epic fantasy variety, which I have confessed, is often not my favourite genre to begin with. So not a bad result really, I’m glad I’ve read it anyhow. Well glad, but somewhat happy to relieved of reading it, so I can get to another of the many books that I have purchased and am yet to pick up…

Thanks for reading!

sign off heartJess


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