mini review: ‘An (Un)Reliable History of Tattoos’ by Paul Thomas

3 stars

Undoubtedly this is intended to be silly, but I soon realised it just wasn’t really my type of humour. I’m sure it will suit many a person though and even lol’s could ensue! The art is awesome though and exactly my type of thing, so that’s why I’m going with a fairly generous 3 stars (generous considering some of the wording made me literally roll my eyes – I felt the comedy was that juvenile at times.) Also I got the vibe that maybe the author doesn’t actually like tattoos that much? I know it was quite clearly intended to poke fun, so maybe it’s just me though and I didn’t quite ‘get it’. But as someone who appreciates tattoos, and bought this book because I thought it would be a funny but appreciative look at them, it was just a little off putting to consider that. So overall, a tiny little bit disappointed by this! Less text, more pictures would have worked for me on this one.

Thanks for reading!

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