review: ‘Some Comics’ by Stephen Collins

some comics stephen collins

4 stars

Here I am again with another review, crawling out of the woodwork once more because I am clearly very good at posting with any semblance of regularity. Well done, me.

I really enjoyed this collection of super fun and super short comics!

Collins provides loads of tasty little comics – each merely a page long, laid out in classic comic strip style- that are great examples of the sarcastic and dry ‘Brit humour’ that I love. Several of these comics genuinely had me laughing out loud, and that is a rarity for me. As despite not really being an avid reader of the ‘humour’ genre, I will occasionally read something classed as such, and the absolute most it will usually get out of me is a smirk of approval. I am an ice queen.

The art always fits his entertaining commentary, the bulk of it amusing enough on it’s own, with the colour palette changing from comic to comic. Sometimes the humour is just toeing the line, just bordering on offensive, but Collins totally gets away with it.

To be quite honest, there were a few (a very tiny amount, I’m being pernickety here), that I just didn’t quite ‘get’, and that’s the only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars. Also, this is 100% on me and the limitations of my own brain, nothing to do with Collins and his impeccable wit!

I’ll definitely be reading any more collections he brings out like this, and I’m immediately purchasing ‘The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil’, which I guess he’s most known for. From this moment on, I shall consider myself a well serious Stephen Collins fan.

To end, here is one of my favourite picks from the collection:

Thanks for reading!

– Jessica

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