review: ‘Sea of Stars’ (Kricket #2) by Amy A. Bartol

4 stars

So, I’m finally starting to get back into this reviewing thing… I’m a little in over my head with a lot to catch up on, but i’ve been taking notes guys. I’ve been taking notes. So without further ado!

This series tho. It kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I think of the characters. I said in my review of the first novel that it’s like the second coming of the love I felt for the Mortal Instruments series all over again. I’m really glad I happened upon the first novel in this series (Under Different Stars – if you want to hear more about the novel please check this out first) by accident.  And for me, this followup did not disappoint.

In this book, Kricket and Trey are now ‘together’. But they haven’t really had much actual time together what with evil Kyon trying to kidnap Kricket and keep her as his consort. Kyon is not happy about Kricket rejecting him, and throws a super tantrum which results in a full on war between the races.

There’s a lot of action in this book, Trey and Kricket are constantly being split up yet still manage to find their way back to each other as chaos is taking place all around them. It’s effectively a huge chase occurring, Trey and Kricket trying to stick together whilst avoiding Kyon, and trying not to die in the war he’s created. There’s a lot of to and fro. Oh no, he’s caught them! Oh wait, they escaped! I kind of feel like Kricket’s treated like the poor bit of rope being yanked around in a caveman display of tug of war at times. But she can definitely hold her own and thankfully she’s never portrayed as a damsel in distress type. Also, you’re rooting for Kricket and Trey to be together (at least, I am!), so it wasn’t a huge issue. Despite the action though, when you actually look at this book in terms of overall plot, not much actually happens… I could kind of see where it was going from early on, so it was a tad predictable.

I still really enjoyed this book though because I like the characters, there’s quite a lot of humour, and it’s set up against this really cool, gadget-packed, stunning sci-fi back drop. Also, the romance heats up quite a bit in this second installment. The sex is just steamy enough, without being explicitly described, and it’s all very emotionally led and passionate. I think it was very tastefully done. Compared to the first book there was less angst and more intimacy, which I feel was wise, as it made up for the lack of plot in someway. This book was more about relationship building.

We met Charisma (Trey’s intended consort), who is actually written as super nice, and this was a pleasant surprise. Often the ‘ex’ or the ‘rival woman’, is portrayed in a horrible way, but we were meant to like this character and I’m glad there wasn’t TOO much jealously thrown around, and that Kricket and Charisma actually seemed hit it off pretty well.

A couple of new characters are introduced in this book that haven’t been explored much thus far, such as Giffen (one of many people trying to capture Kricket at several points in the novel), and more of Trey’s family, so there’s enough mystery and intrigue left floating around to make me eager for the next book.

This novel gets a four stars from me as I didn’t quite love it as much as the first book and plot wise I had some minor issues. Also – cliffhanger alert. You just can’t do me like that, I need the next book, stat.

Thanks for reading!

sign off heartJess


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