review: ‘Elsker’ (The Elsker Saga #1) by S. T. Bende

3 stars

Some things about me that could be considered as interesting, and relate to this book and my review of it:

  • I love me some Mythology, especially Norse Mythology.
  • Scandinavian guys, especially of the blonde variety, happen to be my favourite kind (I’m looking at you, Skarsgard family)
  • Thor is my favourite Norse God/Marvel Superhero (Technically he’s tied with Black Widow – but don’t you make me pick!)
  • Vikings happens to be my favourite tv show right now. Going slightly off topic but, it IS fantastic, and you should watch it. Yes, you.

The above facts about me, combined with my growing interest in the new adult genre, and the additional facts that this cover is pretty, and it was cheap on Kindle, convinced me I needed to read this book. It must have been the will of the Gods, what else can I tell you?

This trilogy starter follows a girl called Kristia Tostenson. She’s a quiet , but not entirely normal girl (she has visions) and is growing up in the relatively small, and arguably dull, American city of Nehalem, Oregon. Although bored of her life, she isn’t really the adventurous sort. Enrolled at a college she’s not really feeling, she’s simply going through the motions, as it’s likely she will just end up working for her parents in their antique store. Despite this, she’s not very close to her parents and was far closer to her Mormor (her grandmother), who has passed before the novel starts. Best friend Ardis (great name!), helps to convince her to get out of her comfort zone and transfer to Cardiff University in Wales to carry out the rest of her studies. It’s all very sudden, you just have to go with it.

A couple months later Kristia finds herself in London on a pit stop, sightseeing and visiting a couple museums, before travelling to her new life in Wales. At the British Museum, she’s looking at a display about Odin and Norse Mythology when she becomes aware of a dashing blonde stranger staring daggers at her. He’s very rude and she tries to forget about him. Imagine her surprise a week or so later at seeing him turn up in her Mythology class.

I’ll be honest – at this point, it starts to feel very Twilighty up in here. Gorgeous and brooding Ull Myhr, who at first tries to avoid Kristia, and has a deep dark secret, realises he can’t keep away as he is inexplicably drawn to her. Kristia is confused by his inital behaviour around her, but doesn’t want him to stay away, as she too is drawn to him, and long story short – they end up falling head over heels in love with each other.

Kristia seems to accept very quickly *SPOILER ALERT*… that Ull Mhyr is an actual Norse God, and stepson of the mighty Thor none the less.

I can’t say that this book was a poignant or life changing read. But it was an easy read, it was light, fun, and who can resist a little fantasy driven romance from time to time? The characters were mostly likeable, and I feel that it was a good series starter because there was a lot of foundation story to prepare for the more action driven plots of the following novels (at least that’s how I’m hoping they will be!) I will be continuing on with the series, at least for the second book, and I hope its even more jam packed with mythical Nordic goodness.

Thanks for reading!

sign off heartJess


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