mini review: ‘Poisoned Apples’ by Christine Heppermann

4 stars

As i’ve said before, I don’t claim to be an expert on, or have any real depth of knowledge of poetry and my rating is purely a reflection of my level of enjoyment whilst reading the poems in this book!

Despite my relative ignorance of poetry, I could tell this collection of poetry was special, and based on themes unlike any I have come across thus far. I would consider this to be a collection of feminist poetry, touching on the very real experiences of many girls and women, and blending them with the fantastical elements of folk and fairytales.

Scattered throughout this compelling collection, are stunning examples of beautiful yet thought provoking photography, which I felt really added to the feel of the poetry.

I really enjoyed every single piece of poetry in this. Each one seemed to come in a completely different form that the last, and the grit and honesty in each one was constantly unsuspected and refreshing, whilst often heartbreaking.

All in all, I think the author has done a fantastic job here. She’s mastered the art of bringing very real problems to light whilst using a more palatable way of delivering them, giving the reader no other choice than to really contemplate them. I doubt anyone could read this and not be affected in some way.

Thanks for reading!

sign off heartJess


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