review: ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ by Michael Faudet

4 stars

Wow, i’m a slacker. It’s taken me ages to get another review out, I’m severely behind.

*Hides under my bed in shame* Anyways…

So, this was my first real venture into reading poetry. Obviously there was the compulsory poetry we had to read during English classes at school,  but as a reader with a genuine interest this was my first stab at it!

I’m not going to pretend I know much at all about poetry, or that my opinion holds any real weight. My 4 star rating is purely based on my personal level of enjoyment whilst reading this collection.

Dirty Pretty Things couldn’t have been a more apt title for this little book of naughtiness. There is certainly an overtly sexual aspect to a lot of the poems featured, all of them seductive, but in my opinion never sleazy. There is a delicacy, a tender sweetness that balances the sophisticated eroticism. A lot of the poems had an almost innocent feel about them, and this gentleness offset any embarrassment you right feel from reading something explicitly sexual. It never felt too much, or like it had gone too far.

There is an ever present melancholy in Michael’s writing, a somber undertone I can’t help but pick up even in the shortest of pieces included in the book. However, being a little broken can often be very alluring and the vulnerability this evokes just makes it a more spellbinding read.

Debauched and decadent, yet soft and sweet. This poetry made me feel alive. On a side note, there are some really cute little illustrations to accompany some of the poems, which I happen to think was a nice touch. My lasting impression was great, the paradox in this collection really appealed to me. Some pieces were just a line or two, others stretching across two pages. I felt this gave the collection a fresh feel, you never knew what you might be in store for over the turn of a page.

It’s definitely given me a stronger interest in poetry, I think next up will be to check out some of Lang Leav. I believe that Lang Leav and Michael Faudet are actually in a relationship, it seems awfully romantic to me that they met and bonded through their artistry!

All in all, I definitely recommend this. I read it very quickly, but often find myself flicking back through to my favourite’s weeks later.

Thanks for reading!

sign off heartJess


2 thoughts on “review: ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ by Michael Faudet

    • Same for me, it was really great as an introduction. I followed Michael Faudet on Tumblr and always loved his posts! My TBR is getting ridiculous. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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