first post!: my aim for this blog

Last year I discovered my love for reading again, after somewhat of a reading slump.

Unlike a lot of people my age, I am not at university, and although I am currently enrolled in an internship at a library, I am fortunate enough to have a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment. I thought ‘What better way to fill this time than reading and discovering new authors?’ It’s certainly not an excuse to put off being an adult and realising my responsibilities. Of course not.

Reading happens to be my favourite pastime – closely followed by snacking and binge watching shows simultaneously. For me this totally justifies the abnormal amount of books I have been buying recently. (And my subsequent leaving them on my bookshelf and failing to start reading them before I’ve bought several more.)

I also spend a fair bit of my time on the internet. This might put fear into many, I am aware. Especially those of an older generation than my own. Granted, I am not a very social person. It’s not because I’m bad around people or find it particularly difficult. I just genuinely prefer my own company and to be at home a lot of the time. Never fear, I do go out, I am not a hermit and am generally a well functioning human being. I think. But to be honest the internet has opened my eyes to a lot of social issues and topics I don’t think I would have become aware of otherwise at such a time in my life. So I figure it’s not all bad.

I’ve recently discovered a new obsession in following booktubers online. Why it interests me so much to watch people doing tours of their bookshelves and the like, I couldn’t tell you. But I’m definitely not alone in this. There is no way however, I’d be able to sit in front of my camera and talk to myself about books and then put it on the internet. Major props to people who can. Also, quite frankly I’m not sure I’m all that interesting enough to create a YouTube channel of my own to solely talk about books. So I am going for the somewhat middle ground, and merging my book fanaticism with my love for the written word, and fondness of the internet, and am trying to create a blog. This is what this is, by the way.

So after all this nonsense that you probably didn’t want to read, my aim for this blog is just to get myself thinking and talking (well, writing) about books more. And to hopefully meet more people with the same passions as myself. Even if nobody reads this, I figure it will be a good outlet for me, kind of like a reading journal, to keep track of my thoughts on the stuff I read in the upcoming months. Whether I get absolutely anywhere with this. Well. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!

– Jessica ♡


6 thoughts on “first post!: my aim for this blog

  1. I discovered booktube last summer and i think I spent more time watching booktube videos than actually reading books haha!


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